Final — as amended and adopted 16 August 2008

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District One is an autonomous service body within the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Its members, as defined below, serve as the primary service committee in support of the A.A. Groups in the Arkansas Counties of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Boone and Newton, or such counties as may later be assigned to the District.

The Primary Purpose of this District Committee is to carry the message of recovery from alcoholism to those who suffer from the disease. Other important purposes include promoting fellowship and exchange of information between the Groups and their representatives; providing and coordinating appropriate information about A.A. to specialists in the field of alcoholism and to the general public; encouraging participation of A.A. members in service work; representing the Groups within the District in meetings of the Arkansas Area Assembly, and assisting in communication between Groups and the General Service Office.

In accomplishing the purposes set out above, the District Committee will always be mindful of the principles set forth in the Twelve Traditions, the Twelve Concepts and the General Service Manual. The rights of autonomy and dissent of individual Groups will always be respected.


1.1 Members of the District Committee shall consist of all duly elected General Service Representatives (GSRs) and all District Officers (as defined below). All A.A. Groups, whether officially registered with the General Service Office or not, identifying themselves as A.A. Groups and not affiliated with any other organization, and meeting within the geographical area of this District, are entitled to representation.

1.2 Duly elected Alternate GSRs are entitled to vote in District meetings when their principal GSR is not present. No proxy or absentee votes are permitted in District meetings.

1.3 Groups are encouraged to observe the practice of rotating service, so as to provide the opportunity for service to the largest possible group of members. GSRs typically serve a single full term of two years, with elections being held before September on even-numbered years.

1.4 Past DCMs, past Delegates or Area Officers residing in the District, and those Committee Chairs who are not Officers or GSRs shall have voice, but not voting rights, at all District meetings.

1.5 A.A. members who are not GSRs or Officers are encouraged to attend District meetings. Such A.A. members may speak, but not vote, on District business.


2.1 The Officers of the District Committee are:

A. District Committee Member (DCM)
B. Alternate DCM
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Registrar

2.2 The duties of the DCM are to preside at District meetings; to be the principal spokesperson for the District Committee in relation to the Area Assembly and the General Service Office; to appoint (with concurrence of the Alternate DCM) the chairs of permanent committees; to ensure that meeting agendas and all other written communications that are material to the business of the District Committee are disseminated; to ensure that all substantial decisions regarding District activities are presented to the District Committee for decision or review; and to serve as the District’s administrator for routine matters.

2.3 The duties of the Alternate DCM are to act as presiding officer of the District meeting in the absence of the DCM; to serve as the primary point of contact for chairs of the permanent committees; to assist theDCM in that officer’s duties; and, in the event of a vacancy during the term of office of the DCM, to assume the full duties of that position.

2.4 The duties of the Secretary are to keep the minutes of District meetings; to circulate such minutes to all voting members and alternates; and to distribute meeting agendas in advance of meetings.

2.5 The duties of the Treasurer are to receive contributions from the Groups and from other appropriate sources; to maintain one or more bank accounts as directed by the District Committee; to make disbursements pursuant to the budget approved by the District or other specific direction by the District; to maintain in good order the financial books of the District, including specific entries for all receipts and disbursements; to provide the District Committee with a written report for each month showing total receipts and disbursements for that period by budget category; to obtain from Committee Chairs their reports of the status of such District funds as may be within their custody; and to prepare and present annually a proposed District budget. The Treasurer shall disburse District funds in excess of current expenses and the prudent
reserve to the Area Assembly and General Service Office under guidelines set by the District Committee.

2.6 The duties of the Registrar are to maintain a Trusted Servants Directory for the District; to update continuously all voting member addresses and all group changes; to notify the Treasurer and Secretary of all Group changes as they are received; to ensure that Group changes and GSR or Officer changes are promptly forwarded to the Area 4 Registrar; and to serve as the primary contact to the District 1 webmaster.

2.7 All serving Officers are limited to one full two-year term in office, plus any part of a term assumed upon occurrence of a vacancy during the previous term of that office. After a break in service, any former Officer is eligible again to serve in that office, if otherwise qualified, although such practice is not to be encouraged.

2.8 Any currently serving or past GSR or Officer is eligible for election as a District Officer. It is suggested that the DCM and Alternate DCM have at least four years sobriety.

2.9 The DCM may not serve simultaneously as GSR of a Group. All other Officers may serve as GSRs at the will of their respective Group, but will have only one vote in District meetings.

2.10 No District Officer may serve simultaneously as an Area Officer or as Delegate.


3.1 The District Committee shall meet periodically (usually monthly) at such times and places as the DCM, with concurrence of the District Committee, may choose. Regular meeting times and places should be announced no later than the preceding District meeting.

3.2 In an emergency, the DCM, with concurrence of at least two other Officers, or five GSRs, may call a special meeting of the entire District Committee, and every reasonable effort will be made to contact all voting members.

3.3 A quorum for District business shall consist of the number of voting members present. However, the Committee may, in the event of an unusually small attendance, adjourn to such other time or place as they may choose.

3.4 District meetings shall be conducted, so far as is practicable, according to the procedures set out in Roberts Rules of Order, as modified by customary A.A. practice on the right of appeal and election of officers.


4.1 The Permanent Committees of the District are:

A. Archives Committee
B. Cooperation With the Professional Community Committee
C. Corrections Committee
D. Grapevine Committee
E. Literature Committee
F. Public Information Committee
G. “Springtime in the Ozarks” (Convention) Committee
H. Treatment Facilities Committee
I.  Picnic Committee

4.2 The District may establish such other Committees as it may see fit and may continue them in existence from year to year.

4.3 Each permanent Committee, except the Springtime in the Ozarks Committee, shall consist of a Chairperson appointed by the DCM and the Alternate DCM in agreement, and such other A.A. members as may be willing to serve on such Committee. The Alternate DCM shall be an ex officio member of all Committees. Members of District Committees need not be voting members of the District Committee. It is recommended that the Chair of each permanent Committee, however, be a voting member.

4.4 Chairs of Committees shall have full responsibility and commensurate freedom of action in accomplishing the functions of their respective committees, subject to the guidance of the District Committee. Committee Chairs may call meetings of their Committees; maintain petty cash funds or bank accounts as authorized by the District Committee; should report at each regular District meeting on the activities, accomplishments and needs of their committees; and should regularly account to the District Treasurer on the status of any funds or accounts in their custody.

4.5 The Alternate DCM is the principal point of contact for the District’s Committee Chairs and serves as their advocate with the District Committee.

4.6 Individual Groups are encouraged to select individuals to serve on District Committees within their areas of interest.


5.1 At the regular September District meeting in each even-numbered year, all currently serving GSRs (or their alternates if such members are absent), and all currently serving District Officers, are eligible to elect from GSRs and Officers those persons who shall occupy the District Officer positions for the two-year term beginning on January 1 of the following year.

5.2 Nominations for Officer positions shall be from the floor; no nominating committee shall be used.

5.3 Election of Officers shall be by secret written ballot, following the Third Legacy procedure set out in of the A.A. Service Manual.

5.4 In the event of a vacancy during the term of any Officer, the District shall elect a qualified member to fill the remainder of that term, in the same manner as in a regular election. However, a vacancy in the position of DCM shall be filled automatically by the Alternate DCM.


6.1 The District Committee shall establish an annual budget during the December meeting of each year.

6.2 The District Committee shall establish a prudent reserve sufficient to service at least three months of budgeted expenses, shall from time to time adjust the amount of such reserve, and may direct the Treasurer to disburse to Area Assembly and General Service Office funds in excess of current expenses and the prudent reserve according to such timetable and guidelines as the District may from time to time establish.

6.3 All funds and accounts held by Committees of the District are regarded as District funds and may be regulated by the District Committee.

6.4 Any expenditures from the District’s account that are in excess of the amount budgeted for the current year for any line item, including any one-time capital expenditures, must be approved by the District Committee. Expenditures made in an emergency by a Committee Chair or by the Treasurer, with the approval of the DCM, may be ratified or disapproved by the District Committee at its next regular meeting.


7.1 Any amendment to this document may become effective only upon approval of two-thirds of the registered Groups of the District responding, and after at least one month has passed since proposal of the amendment, so that GSRs may consult with their Groups.


8.1 All matters of District governance and procedure not addressed in this document should conform, so far as may be practicable, with relevant Structure Guidelines of the Arkansas Area Assembly, and with the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and the A.A. Service Manual.