History of Alcoholics Anonymous

“Why study, or for that matter, even discuss the history of Alcoholics Anonymous? What difference would it make? How could it affect how we live and work our own individual recovery? Who cares? The history of AA can be both educational and fascinating and help in making the recovery process a fruitful one. In a quote attributed to Carl Sandburg, he summed it up when he wrote: “Whenever a civilization or society declines (or perishes) there is always one condition present – they forgot where they came from.” This quote, often used by Frank M., Archivist for AA General Services, gives a warning to present and future generations of AA members to “Keep It Green.” The Washingtonians, The Oxford Group and others forgot where they came from. They watered-down and made changes to their respective movements which eventually led to their demise.” – Mitchell K., noted AA historian and archivist

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